Please note this is for those of you who wish to offer only blepharonat, it does not include liquid lipo training.


Those looking to use Blepharonat In your clinics we have a special package for you .


5☆ treatment, 1 bottle / 6 treatments. 

(One application in clinic with instruction video and client support and how and when to use blepharont)


Training on facial anatomy,topical gel ,our products and ageing fat pads, Blepharitis,

from our scientific developers. 


Reasons why filler would cause an Eyebag to be weighed down &

The causation of eye bags. 


Support group for practitioners.


Daily before and afters from our practitioners world-wide. 


How to consult and help from home.


Product samples from the rest of the Liquid Lipo Ltd range including fat dissolve gel and our Hyaluronic acid creams and Melanin Carota tan maximisation. 


Also included 




Eye patches 

Mini pots stickers.

Blepharonat beginner package