Become a stockist in your area, not only will you be offering your clients something new and ground breaking but it is also an investment. Liquid Lipo continues to grow worldwide, be part of this, with products that can be sold for use at home and also in clinic it has helped businesses world wide maintain an income during the lockdowns. 


Package 2 silver includes the following from the Bronze package.


Includes 30 percent off the RRP when buying wholesale.

Includes our standard training, intro into Lymphatic drainage,

fat storage and how

we utilise fat.

Introduction to Liquid Lipo,

our products and how they

can be used to enhance

your business.

1 x 250 ml Liquid Lipo 

1 X bronzed tan mist or thermolite 

1 X Hyaluronic acid cream 


In addition you get the following 


Extra training including a virtual class on manual and topical fat dissolve.

Using Liquid Lipo with Cavitation, radio frequency and laser lipo.

Anatomy and physiology

An additional 250 ml bottle of liquid lipo. 


Leaflets and salon poster.

Silver Lipo training package